When it comes to the challenges and nutritional needs of artists, Alexia has extensive experience that stems from years of working with acrobats and dancers. Her knowledge of various circus disciplines and the challenges that come with creating a show and experiencing life on the road make her the perfect nutritionist for guiding  artists  through the different stages of their careers.  

Touring shows

Working as the Head Nutritionist for Cirque du Soleil (CDS) from 2006 to 2012, Alexia shared her expertise with various performers (during training, the creation phase of projects or rehabilitation), whether at the Head Office in Montreal or around the world. Touring with the artists of different CDS shows provided Alexia with a profound understanding of the challenges that they face when travelling, and helped her acquire extensive experience working in close conjunction with different catering services. Since 2012, Alexia has been providing her expertise to CDS performers on a contractual basis.  The driving force behind numerous initiatives and protocols for this multinational corporation, she attributes her success to an approach that is both scientific and personalized and to the importance she grants the human element in her work.


Given the wealth of experience she has acquired working with dancers, Alexia thoroughly grasps the challenges and realities associated with this art form. Requiring both strength and finesse, dancers have very specific physiological needs. Adopting performance nutrition is clearly one of the best ways of preventing injury and prolonging one’s career. 



Singers & Musicians

In addition to the hundreds of acrobats and dancers she has guided and supported since 2006, Alexia has also lent her expertise to a large number of touring singers and musicians. With a clear understanding of their needs as well as the peculiarities of the profession, Alexia is certainly well-equipped to help optimize their performance on stage.