Alexia has been working with international-calibre athletes for over 10 years. Having guided countless athletes towards fulfilling their Olympic dream or climbing the podium during major competitions, she has incredibly profound knowledge of how the world of sports and performance works.  

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First-hand experience

Given her experience alongside athletes during training camps and competitions, Alexia has a deep understanding of the real challenges the latter are faced with. Her extensive first-hand experience makes her the ideal speaker for hosting workshops aimed at athletes of all levels.  

Interdisciplinary work

Alexia advocates a customized approach where athletes are an integral part of the process and interdisciplinary efforts are essential. This fosters close collaboration with coaches and other members of the support team, thereby ensuring that any and all aspects are taken into consideration to help athletes achieve their goals.

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Disordered eating

Alexia is one of the few nutritionists who has developed advanced expertise with athletes who suffer from eating disorders. She sets herself apart through a unique approach that takes the many challenges associated with the practice of sport into consideration. 


As part of her doctoral research, Alexia evaluated the effects of a specific supplement on elite athletes in the context of competition. As a result, she is incredibly knowledgeable about athlete supplement use and its inherent challenges. 

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Corporate athletes

Alexia is also actively involved in helping business people meet their sport and performance goals.  In addition to adjusting their diet to different phases of training, she also grants particular importance to work constraints and the realities of family life when developing a nutritional plan.